About The Park

Who We Are

“OurSpace” is a City of Binghamton Parks & Recreation Project with a mission to encourage and engage our communities, with a focus on those with special needs, in physical and social activity by revitalizing a community park to provide opportunities for all individuals of all ages and all abilities to engage, explore and socialize.

What We Are Doing

OurSpace is revitalizing a 4 acre parcel of the City of Binghamton’s Recreation Park with a plan that is designed to appeal to individuals of all ages, abilities and needs, from a child with Downs Syndrome, to a war veteran looking for a quiet space, from a family with three young children to an elderly couple.

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After a careful search, Recreation Park was chosen due to its central location within the Southern Tier and The City of Binghamton Parks & Recreation Departments long term commitment to maintain the improvements and facility. The Park currently has a carousel, band shell, tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball, volleyball, and play areas with ample parking. The park is open to all, so residents of surrounding towns, cities and counties will benefit from this project’s scope.

OurSpace will provide engaging interactive areas, as well as quiet spaces for observation and reflection. Phase I of the project focused on revitalizing the ball fields in the spring of 2014 with the PwC Scholars at Binghamton University.

Phase II is underway on the interactive “PlaySpaces”.

Funding and community awareness of the project has received an enthusiastic response. The City of Binghamton Parks & Recreation is committed to supporting the capital improvements with both labor and materials within their current budget and resources, in addition to the maintenance of the facility after he project’s completion.

There are a number of community partners who are pledging their support. We especially like to thank Visions Federal Credit Union for their support of Phase I. In addition, OurSpace has been chosen as a 2015 Wendy’s Walk for Kid’s recipient.

How Your Support Will Make A Difference

Supporting OurSpace will not only give us the opportunity to complete our proposed project, but it will result in an increased awareness of needs in the community and provide an inclusive support to our youth and families of all abilities.

For individuals with disabilities, the park will open up new possibilities for physical fitness and activities. It will also serve as a place to unite and socialize. For children, it will provide an inclusive environment in which to play and interact with the world and each other.

The City of Binghamton and its surrounding communities (Southern Tier) will also benefit from being the only area in upstate New York with a park specifically developed for special needs individuals. It will serve as a sustainable landmark and significant accomplishment for the area. Furthermore, as an open, public space, OurSpace will be an inclusive environment for the entire community to enjoy.

OurSpace is a City of Binghamton Parks & Recreation Project

This project is funded by the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation through the Environmental Protection Fund.

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